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MosaiCQ Consulting

Inclusive Leadership Coaching and JEDI Consulting

MosaiCQ Consulting is a woman-of-color-owned practice that provides customized and impactful workshops, facilitation services, strategic DEI consulting and coaching to nonprofits, businesses, government agencies, and school districts. We are in the business of promoting intercultural intelligence (hence, the iCQ in our company name) for people and organizations so that they can journey towards their justice, equity, diversity and inclusion (JEDI) goals. MosaiCQ's people-focused work is rooted in social justice and centers on collective healing, cultural humility, and social practices -- all with a trauma-informed lens. This effort is to identify and implement proactive and sustainable solutions that promise access and inclusion for all.


Services include: cultural assessments, anti-oppression training and professional development, group facilitation, equity audits, trauma-informed intercultural coaching, and strategic consulting, visioning and planning to align JEDI, or DEIB, into your organizational practices and culture.


MosaiCQ Consulting’s work is invested in strengthening the connection between the head and the heart, and restoring and repairing relationships with ourselves and each other. We challenge either-or

thinking and deliberately hold space for collective wisdom: individually, we know some things, but together, we know a lot. We believe that who we are as individuals or a collective - whether on teams, in units, organizations, or systems- is made up of intricate, interactive pieces, like tesserae in a mosaic. Pieced together, we make a beautiful interconnected tapestry that creates a more enriched world.


MosaiCQ Consulting is brave in holding space with you to explore and understand the intercultural pieces that influence who you are and the people and systems that surround you - examining every glimmer and shade, and understanding the intricate nature of our dynamic ways of being and leading together.

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Inclusive Leadership Coaching

Our Inclusive Leadership Coaching service is designed to help leaders develop the skills and knowledge needed to create inclusive workplaces. Through personalized coaching, we support leaders in analyzing personal and professional situations, and provide guidance on how to practice inclusion and intercultural agility. With our support, you can become an effective and inclusive leader who fosters a culture of belonging and respect.


With JEDI/DEI Consulting, you can trust that you're working with data-driven professionals who are dedicated to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout your organization. Through our equity-centered approach to project management and consulting, we collaborate with organizations to help build capacity and think through DEI strategy and implementation among your leaders. Start your journey towards a more inclusive workplace today.

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Professional Development and Facilitation

Our Training and Facilitation services are designed to provide customized JEDI/DEI training and facilitate team building exercises for your board members, volunteers, and employees. Our comprehensive trainings includes modules on developing intercultural agility and awareness, cultivating and understanding cultural values, mitigating bias, promoting inclusion, and implementing equitable policies. We pride ourselves on fostering learning and development to empower your organization to engage with diverse communities and effect change towards meeting your mission.

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